Paula Giraldo is a designer, art director, and creative problem solver living in NYC.

Event Promotion and Brand Reputation


Parsons Fashion Benefit
Event Promotion and Brand Reputation

I conceived and designed a zero-waste invitation for the university’s largest fundraising event, the Parson’s Fashion Benefit, with the theme “You Never Leave Parsons.” This annual event highlights the achievements of the graduating class of the School of Fashion at Parsons, honors icons of the industry, and raises money for scholarships that provide access to education.


To showcase the size and diversity of Parsons’ School of Fashion — and to build connections with graduating students who would soon become alumni — I worked with the dean of the school to develop a composite group photo effect. Each student and faculty member in the Parsons fashion community was photographed against a portable backdrop created expressly for this project.


Printer’s marks and color bars normally trimmed away during the bindery process were used as design elements, eliminating scrap material and raising awareness of both environmentally responsible printing and the School of Fashion’s commitment to improving sustainability in the fashion industry.


Art Direction: Ed Pusz


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